What I’ve learned over the last six months

I always thought that Powerpoint was an unnecessary evil. As a designer here in New York I do tons of book covers, and people often send in Powerpoint stuff, thinking it will work just fine for cover design. Explaining that Powerpoint is the WRONG place to design doesn’t seem to always land correctly.

In the last six months though, I’ve been asked to present at several conferences, and have a new-found respect for the power of Powerpoint. I’ve managed to do a good deal of reading and research in these months. I’ve come across some of the worse Powerpoint stuff imaginable, and some of the very, very best. Just today I was sent a 115-slide text-heavy presentation that would turn the world’s worst insomniacs into Rip van Winkles! it wasn’t just text heavy — it defined the term, almost threatening to slide off the screen. I’d love to put up an example from this, but I may be in trouble, trashing it, then displaying it.

My eyes were opened! I was happy to find that I’d already done some of the things that Garr Reynolds suggests, www.presentationzen.com, and avoided some of the worse mistakes.


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